How do peacocks seduce peahens?
Wet dog shaking dry
How do dogs spin dry?
How strong is a Komodo dragon's bite?

Images: Peacock - Wolfgang Kaehler / Gettyimages, Dog - Daniel Mihailescu / Gettyimages, Komodo Dragon - Afriadi Hikmal / Gettyimages

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An intriguing, funny and clever insight into the physics of the animal world. You'll never look at a wet dog or a blood-thirsty mosquito in the same way.
Fran Scott, science presenter
Wonderful, wild and witty.
Ian Sample, science editor, Guardian
Packed with insight and information.
Jim Al-Khalili, physicist and broadcaster
Illuminating and intriguing. An entertaining book that provides fresh insight into how animals survive — providing food for thought whatever your level of scientific knowledge.
Dame Athene Donald, Professor of Experimental Physics and Master of Churchill College, University of Cambridge
There is nothing fuzzy about this book. With crisp prose and intuitive descriptions of physical processes, this book reveals how natural selection tunes the laws of physics to solve the myriad problems posed by nature … a must read.
Daniel Rubenstein, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

Published by Bloomsbury's new Sigma Science imprint in October 2016 in the UK and in January 2017 in the US.


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